Hey everyone, I want to thank you all for participating in Style & Glam Runway Week Fashion Show on November 14th (5:30pm - 9pm) located at Union Project (801 North Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206) If you have an emergency the day of the event, please text or call my cell at (412) 935-3715.

Doors will open to you, your glam team and models at 3pm. Doors will be open to the public at 5:30pm. We will begin the event promptly at 6pm.


Carnegie Library - East Liberty - Everyone will meet at 11am to start prepping make up for the models.

Union Project - At 2pm, we will leave to go to Union Project to complete make up looks and begin styling. There will be mini photo shoots at the venue (before the event begins).

Each designer/boutique will have ample room (including a table, chairs and space for 2 racks). You will have to supply your own clothing racks.

Each showcase must consists of 7 - 10 models. You will be responsible for casting/selecting models and runway practice. We do have several model castings to create a model database that you will be able to view, if you need additional models. Once you have selected your models, please give me your model list by May 16th. All models will need to be placed on the list to enter the venue at 3pm.

IMPORTANT: ONLY a few selected models will be able to walk for 2 showcases. All other models will NOT be shared. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You will be able to bring 2 hair/make up assistants. We will have a few MUA/Hair stylists, but I strongly suggest bringing your own, particularly if you have elaborate looks. If you wish to have our make up artists assist with your looks, please let me know so I can introduce you to the Lead Director.

Music must be instrumental, limited lyrics or copyright free songs. This year, we will be streaming live and music that is copyrighted may be muted by Facebook due to infringement laws. Please submit your music in a MP3/4 format or You Tube Link. Make sure you have ample music for your showcase. You will have up to 10 minutes to have your models rip the runway and entertainment (if applicable). Please send music to email styleandglamfashionweek@yahoo.com by April 20th.

The event is already in promotion, so to promote your brand, please give me a brief description of your fashion background, brand and collection with several photos to email styleandglamfashionweek@yahoo.com. Style & Glam Magazine will be publishing some of your collection in our next print and digital issue so please bring the FIERCE.


If you have not yet, please send your logo and business contact information in a separate inbox or email @ styleandglamfashionweek@yahoo.com. Every vendor's logo will be on Style & Glam Fashion Week site and linked directly to his/her website or business page.

VIP BAGS: There will be 100 VIP Bags. If you are interested in providing samples, business cards, flyers, free products, etc., please mail them by July 11th to address: PO BOX 17599, Pgh PA 15235. For those who dont mail their items by July 11th, there will be ample time for all vendors to distribute their own items into bags at the venue.


The designers/boutiques that have secured a Showcase Booth to sell his/her apparel/accessories, please check the other posts for more details.

Please make sure to click the {GOING} button https://www.facebook.com/events/2497856897143153/ If you know anyone that would like to attend, please have them purchase their tickets ASAP @ https://www.styleandglamrunwayweek.com/product-page/shop-the-runway-fashion-show. Tickets are on sale and people are already purchasing them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. XO