It is more than luck to keep booking paid jobs. From taking the right photos to networking with the game players in the industry, there is an art to getting the job of your dreams.  Learn how to navigate within the modeling industry so you can maximize and monetize your brand.

The class will cover:​

  • Discover your model type

  • How to start an online website

  • Working with difficult photographers, designers and clients

  • Preparing for an epic shoots

  • Learn comp card basics

  • How agencies work

  • Understanding agency and photography contracts

  • Tips of acing an audition/ interview 

  • Networking and meeting the right connections


In this era of digital savvy influencers, this newfound way of connecting with people is perfect for promoting and sharing your knowledge on interested areas. Now you can join them in a few simple steps to gaining the consumer's confidence and turning your niche into a viable brand.


The class will cover:

  • Finding and mastering your niche

  • Making money off what you are good at 

  • Develop a strategy to be the leader in your field

  • Creating eye catching sites  to get noticed

  • Ways to gain online and offline exposure

  • How influencer marketing works to your advantage

  • Connect with the brands and big businesses that pay

  • Attracting new followers

  • Using social media to leverage other sources of income


Have an important audition or model call? Don't forget to take your professional comp cards.  Our design team have created a variety of stunning, innovative comp cards that will get the attention of agencies, designers and potential clients. Custom create your card with 9 background colors and 6 card design types.

"We teach you how to be 

Next Level Fierce"


Get tips and tricks from an established runway coach. Learn about proper technique, how to create your signature walk, build confidence and get hired for the next runway gig.



" The runway classes have not only been helpful in learning

proper technique, but allowed me to create a signature walk that booked me 2 paid jobs."

~Carrie M.

Ultimate Model Bootcamp is a workshop that trains young, aspiring models the fundamentals of modeling such as: etiquette, runway techniques, posing and photo shoots, how to prepare for auditions/go-sees, building a proper portfolio, self-confidence, makeup/skincare…and much more!

We provide attendees valuable knowledge and skills in getting started the right way, which will increase your chances of getting signed with a reputable talent agency, and booking more gigs as a model!

Runway Week has launched Model Bootcamp, a modeling workshop that teaches aspiring and established models how to work professionally with photographers, designers and agents to book paid opportunities. The Model Bootcamp will educate models on 3 modeling basics:  getting noticed, maximizing your photos and booking the job. Get the necessary tools to take your modeling careers to the next level. 

One on one sessions tailored to teach aspiring and established models how to work professionally with photographers, designers and agents. We not only educate you about the modeling industry, we provide you with the business skills that are needed to take your career to the next level. Style & Glam creates numerous networking opportunities for our models all year.